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2016 Rough Riders Results

Results have been posted.

Congratulations go out to Ferrara Fortunato winning the men's century events both days in record times :
2016 Southern Route: 4:28:53 Fortunato Ferrara 2015 4:36:13
2016 Northern Route: 4:14:45 Fortunato Ferrara 2015 4:24:10
Bobcat Pass 50 : Lyon Hassing & Pio Moniz crossed the line in a time of 2:57:53. Lyon claiming 1st.

For the women we have Kari Distefano & Mary Jimenez (from Louisiana no less) & Heidi Attenberger claiming victories.
2016 Southern Route: 5:54:48 Kari Distefano
2016 Northern Route: 5:51:17 Mary Jiminez
2016 Bobcat Pass 50: 3:28:00 Heidi Attenberger

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